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#KnowYourFynbos | The private life of proteas

Proteas are to fynbos what salt and pepper are to the spice rack: the golden children. The dazzling King Protea is our national flower - an iconic symbol of South African heritage - and proteas of all shapes and sizes are celebrated in décor and

New challenge: Get to know your fynbos

One of the most awe-inspiring things about the Cape Floral Kingdom (CFK) is how much more there is to it than meets the eye. What could easily appear to be a monotonous carpet of dull scrubland is really just the opposite: an abundant plant paradise,

All the small things: The rare Geometric Tortoise

The humble tortoise. A peculiar, prehistoric creature with ancient origins dating back 260 million years. Originally a ‘fat lizard’, whose ribs broadened out and eventually united to form a complete shell, the tortoise we know today uses its suit of armour as a potent form

Discover Silvermine: A walk on the West side

While its name doesn’t instantly conjure idyllic images of a pristine nature-lover’s haven; if you visit Silvermine, that’s exactly what you’ll find. In 1675, prospectors believed that the mountains in the area contained silver, but when shafts were sunk to locate it, there was in fact


The Nature’s Valley Trust (NVT) runs a programme called our Coastal Impact Programme, through which, with funding from the Table Mountain Fund and other sources, they have been able to assess the impact that we as people have on coastal biodiversity, and to seek novel

All the Small Things: In pursuit of the porcupine

Headlamps beaming, we started up the trail towards Devil’s Peak; not in pursuit of a porcupine, but of an early morning cup of coffee and a rusk with a view. As we graduated from the steep zigzags onto the contour path (a welcome relief for

#TMFInTheField – ABI Small Grants Initiative

When true community involvement - linked to conservation, empowerment and participation - proves to be so successful, it deserves to be celebrated. In 2012, the Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative (ABI) put in a bid to coordinate a small grants facility through support from the Table Mountain