The Ghosts of Table Mountain Premier

On Monday, 12 September 2022, friends and colleagues from across the Western Cape conservation sector came together to celebrate the much-anticipated premier of The Ghosts of Table Mountain. This inspiring film, which has been years in the making, reveals the secret life of the Critically

Why aren’t Capetonians doing enough to save water?

Despite severe water restrictions, Capetonians are not doing enough to save water. In fact, in the week that Level 3B water restrictions were introduced, we consumed an average of 808 million litres per day, one million litres more than the previous week. Western Cape dam levels

Where does our borehole water come from?

As Cape Town residents ‘feel the pinch’ of the current drought and water restrictions, demand for backyard boreholes is on the increase (1). While Western Cape surface water levels continue to drop and the future of municipal water supply becomes progressively uncertain, the opportunity for

Water is Life!

Without water, the human race would not exist and although much of our planet is covered with water, only 1% of it is usable to us, with 97% being salty and the remaining 2% being trapped in the ice caps. Despite this scarcity, we take