New TMF-Funded Pride Programme Projects Announced

New TMF-Funded Pride Programme Projects Announced

Table Mountain Fund’s Pride Programme aims to instil in individuals an understanding and appreciation of fynbos. We believe that by immersing oneself in fynbos, we will gain a better understanding of the uniqueness of this diverse floral kingdom, and our appreciation and love for fynbos will grow. We also believe that and in time, this deeper appreciation will result in us being proud custodians of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Through our Pride Programme we aim to ensure that:

• More people will have meaningful immersive experiences in fynbos and the surrounding marine environment.
• More people value the indigenous and endemic fynbos species.
• More quality fynbos spaces will be established, especially within an urban context.
• The number of tourists visiting fynbos areas will grow.
• Youth are educated on the wonders of fynbos.
• Knowledge gaps with regards to fynbos conservation are identified and researched.

To meet the Fund’s Pride Programme objectives, TMF put out a call for project proposals in January 2020 . The response to this call was overwhelming, but after a long consultation period, we are proud to announce the following seven projects as our new Pride Programme funding recipients:

• BRAVE Rock Girl
Project: Girls and Conservation – Daring Disas
• Centre for Conservation Education
Project: Youth citizen science on the rocks – The LIMPET marine monitoring programme
• Cape Town Environmental Education Trust – CTEET
Project: Changing Lives Through Nature
• Africa Renaissance Productions
Project: Pride of Place
• Ingcungcu “sunbird restoration project”
Project: Pollinating Pride in People
• Lwandle Hiking Club
Project: Green Communities Initiative
• Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden
Project: Making threatened habitats personal – The world’s first Cape lowland botanical garden displays

Funding for these projects will commence between September 2020 and February 2021. We look forward to introducing you to these inspiring projects over the next few months.

Table Mountain Fund

Launched by Sir Edmund Hillary, The Table Mountain Fund is a capital Conservation Trust Fund that develops and funds projects to protect and restore the world-famous natural heritage of the Cape, known as the Fynbos.

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