Pride Programme

Appreciation for Fynbos is deepened

South Africa’s Western Cape province is a botanical treasure chest, home to the smallest yet richest plant kingdom in the world. So biodiverse is the Cape Floral Kingdom in fact, that it sustains well over 9000 plant species, 70% of which are found nowhere else on the planet.

At the Table Mountain Fund we believe that by immersing oneself in fynbos and gaining a better understanding of the uniqueness of this diverse floral kingdom, one’s appreciation and love for fynbos will grow and one will proudly take up the responsibility of conserving it.

This programme aims to ensure that:

  • More people will have meaningful immersive experiences in fynbos and the surrounding marine environment
  • More people value the indigenous and endemic fynbos species
  • More quality fynbos spaces will be established, especially within an urban context
  • The number of tourists visiting fynbos areas will grow
  • Youth are educated on the wonders of fynbos
  • Knowledge gaps with regards to fynbos conservation are identified and researched.
The Table Mountain Fund aims to contribute R4.5 million towards the Pride Programme, ensuring that individual’s appreciation and love for fynbos will grow and they will become proud custodians of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Pride Projects:

Credit: Limpet

Youth citizen science on the rocks: the LIMPET marine monitoring programme

Centre for Conservation Education

1 February 2021 – 31 March 2024

The aim of the LIMPET (Long-term Monitoring through Participation, Evaluation and Training) programme is to build appreciation for nature, ecological understanding and conservation values, while at the same time, generating valuable data to assess ecological changes on the coast. LIMPET develops teaching resources, holds teacher training workshops, and facilitates school outings on the rocky shore, during which Grade 10 learners are involved in “real” scientific monitoring surveys that are designed by marine scientists. This includes ecological surveys (of species, populations and biotic communities), as well as litter collection and classification surveys, which contribute data to various national databases. To deepen the experience and impact, LIMPET educators visit schools before and after each outing to give introductory lectures and involve learners in data visualisation and interpretation.

Changing Lives Through Nature

Nature Connect

1 January 2021 – 28 February 2024

This project forms part of Nature Connect’s Changing Lives Through Nature campaign which provides a variety of valuable platforms for school learners and youth to develop not only environmental knowledge, skills and pro-environmental behaviours but also confidence, self-esteem and a range of leadership skills. To ensure the reduction of environmental issues and threats to the Cape Floristic Region (CFR), children and youth need to consistently engage in pro-environmental behaviours, through various immersive experiences. Through these experiences, a social-identity and a self-identity is fostered, giving rise to a sense of pride. The unique power of Nature Connect’s efforts to effect change stems from their multiple engagements with their beneficiaries, a real investment as opposed to once-off lessons or presentations. TMF is only funding a portion of this project.